Friday, December 10, 2010

Finding Strength in Him

There are two major "HIM's" in my life.  The first is my God and the second is my Husband.  Now, lets take a look at the two of them...I think you'll find this interesting.

Blessed is how the Lord makes me feel.  Each time I delivered a child He was there...not once was one of my deliveries "normal".  To elaborate, but not tire you all of baby stories, I'll give you the shortened version.

First there was Jack, an emergency, we almost lost him, and the Lord was there, He worked through those doctors and nurses and saved our first born.  Matt was a wreck, I have pictures and stories that tell exactly how he felt...

Gavin was next, he was not drama but I was, I had difficulty and my heart rate bottomed out...God was there and Matt was as well.  That day I felt the Lord work and so did my husband.

Emmett, our newest little suprise.  A suprise that I was pregnant and a suprise that he decided to come 5 weeks early!  God worked again and our baby boy only had to spend 10 days in the Special Care Nursery.  God's finger print was all over Emmett. 

Emmett is where it brings me to Matt.  It feels like a year ago that I was stressed out about leaving a baby at the hospital and yet having two boys at home to raise and maintain their daily schedules. (but it was only 3 short weeks ago) To put it bluntly, I felt like a failure.  My Jack adjusted well, but when he said to me, "Mom, it's ok if you wanna be with Emmett.  I like going to visit all different people."  I lost it.  How wonderful, he gets it, he understands, but at the same time I was letting him down.  I wasn't doing his homework with him, I wasn't there to give him a bath at night, and each morning I was rushing around just to get him out the door and get on my way to the hospital. 

Gavin adjusted differently.  He didn't like me being gone, he missed me and he told me about it.  But he also understood.  We had spent every day toghether planning on Emmett's arrival in December.  This early arrival put him in a bit of a quandry.  But he adjusted well too.  Thanks to my Husband, our children adjusted well. 

He is my rock, through him I see Christ.  I see how God wants us to be and I see that Matt is my rock, just as God is my rock.  I found that Matt always had the right thing to say.  (Trust me when I say that this HAD to come from the Lord, because Matt usually doesn't say the right thing at the right time : )  He never sighed when I called and was leaving an hour later than we had planned.  He never got angry that he was having dinner without me.  He drove an hour to the hospital to hold Emmett for 30 minutes and then headed home to our older children.  He was and is still amazing.

God knew all those years ago (almost 16 years now) that I would need a man like Matt.  I would need a man that could be strong, solid, and God fearing.  God knew that I would need a man to hold my hand during 3 c-sections and comfort me with his eyes.  God knew that I would need a man to tell me to be positive...and buck up, we are all going to be fine.  God just knew. 

I thank God for Matt each day and night.  But I wonder if I tell Matt enough how loved he is and thank him for all he did for me and continues to do for me.

Ladies, if there is one thing you need in your life it is God, if there is two it is a "Matt". 


  1. This made me smile!! I love you guys!

  2. Thanks for sharing the presence of God in your life. It is great to see how he is working in the lives around us. It helps me to see that he is there in everything, the big thing and the small things too.