Friday, January 7, 2011

Just One, Please

"Just one please"

I love to say those words to a hostess at a restaurant.  I don't mind eating alone, actually today it was quite a surreal experience.  (However, today I was with Emmett, but I am not sure a 7 week old counts for much company in a busy restaurant).

I went to cracker barrel for lunch today, by myself, that's right just one, just me.  I am not sure how many of you have ever taken yourself on a "date" but you should give it a try.  It is the only time I am able to enjoy HOT food and not worry about who has to potty, if everything is cut up and pray that no one spills their drink.  Now, it is nice to go on a date with my husband, but not having to have a converstaion and just being able to observe everything around me is amazing.  Today was no exception.  I honestly believe that God wanted me to see people the way He sees them, the way He made them...glorious and in his image.

As I gazed out the window, just past my infant sons profile, I saw an extremely elderly couple crossing the snow covered parking lot.  She was in better "condition" than he was and so she was assisting him accross the snow.  They NEVER stopped smiling.  She was so tiny, short in height maybe 5 foot (that is giving her about 3 inches too much I think) and her husband was well ove 6 foot.  So you can imagine what they looked like with her helping him.  Then out of the blue a young man offered his help and the three of them walked arm in arm accross the snow with huge smiles on their faces.  They chatted and smiled the entire time.  It was so pleasant to see. 

My ice tea came to the table and as I reached for the sweetner (I prefer sweet n low) I heard a gentleman next to me talking to his friend of several years.  They were so candid, talking about their grandchildren and great grandchildren...talking about Christmas and the past Holiday.  Then I heard this man say something that made me giggle and gaze at him in complete awe.  He said, "So the other day on Facebook...."  I didn't hear much past the part about Facebook....REALLY you are at least 80 and you are networking on Facebook!  God is so wonderful.  I just couldn't hardly believe

Not only were converstations intersting, but I really believe that God wanted me to SEE everyone the way he sees them, the way he made them.  I saw a nurse on break from work eating by herself...and when looking at her it was a sense of calm that came over me.  She was a good nurse, one that cared about her patients.  As a matter of fact it was written all over her face, her emotions played out like a movie in her eyes.  She was kind and thoughtful.  Then there was the middle aged couple that sat right infront of me.  They both took notice of Emmett and smiled quietly.  No words were exchanged, yet she met my eyes and a love poured out from her.  I could see the depths of her love and feel her motherly instincts.  He had his back to me but, would make an effort to look at Emmett on occasion. ( Emmett never woke up for this outing, so he wasn't drawing any attention to us).  However, this gentleman was so considerate, he made sure not to bump into Emmett and pulled chairs out for his wife, when she stood to go to the ladies room so did he. 

my senses seemed so intense.  each murmmer, i heard as plain as day.  the fire burned crisply in the stone hearth.  outside the snow was fresh and soft.  The environment inside was almost unlike anything I have ever experienced.  As I looked at the individuals seated near me, I found my self wondering what they were like as children, as infants, what their mothers looked like, what their stories were, what their joys and heart breaks were....

So, I challenge each of you to take yourself on a date and just simply enjoy being around God's greatest creation...US.  We are so unique and yet so much the same.